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    F R E E B I E S      P A G E

                                                                       DECEMBER 1998

          YOU Won't Believe What YOU Can Get FREE Here!!!


      December 31, 1998     

                         Free On-Line Bible School

                         Free  "Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Teachers Guide

                         Free Gift from Canal Surplus

                         Free Recipe Booklet from Grey Poupon

                         Free Sample and Coupon for Geneva Diet Cookies

                         Free Sample of Nite Bite Glucose Bar for Kids

                         Free Kid-Keeper Safety I.D. Software from H. H. Enterprises

                         Free Floater key Chain from Anchors Away Marina

                         Free 1999 Scripture Calendar


      December 30, 1998     

                        Free $2.00 (US) To You by Check for Simply Joining The Advertising Mailing List.

                        Free 12-Pack Sample Of Oxy Squeeze ( Super-Oxygenated Drinking Water )

                        Free Sample Pack of Pictorico Products For Inkjet Printers (North American only.) ENDS 1/1/99

                        Free Submit your Site to 800+ Search Engines

                        Free Pibs On A Roll

                        Free Goodnites Diaper Sample  (Two Pair) & Coupon Call 1-800-785-5877

                        Free Gift From Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

                        Free Jerk Magnet Bumper Sticker

                        Free Pocket Schedule For The Oakland A's

                        Free Cheese Spreader from Sargento Cheese (match movie lines and win)


      December 29, 1998       

                        Free Catalogs

                        Free Mouse Pad for Companies or Organizations with a Web Address

                        Free Sample Safe-T-Strap

                        Free Floater Key Chain from Anchors Away Marina

                        Free Sample from Leo's Horse Treats

                        Free Diploma Frame (Businesses Only)

                        Free Sample Of Bits 'n Bites - Gourmet Dog Treats (Canada Only)

                        Free Gift and From S & P Gifts

                        Free Register Your Pet With The National Pet Register


      December 28, 1998       

                        Free Cockpit Poster  U.S. ONLY

                        Free Sample  Rembrant Toothpaste

                        Free Book "Does Honor Have a Future" From Breakpoint

                        Free African Drum Gourd or Angels Trumpt Seeds (LSASE)

                        Free Meditation & Self Healing Audio Tape

                        Free  Animal Care Booklet

                        Free Sample Of Refresh


      December 27, 1998     

                        Free Sample Pound Cake

                        Free Sample from Tampax

                        CHATZOO Chat till you drop.Chat for free.

                        Free Dog Food Sample from "Just Add Meat"

                        Free Hat With Your Logo


        December 26, 1998     

                        Free Vistors To Your Website

                        Free Jesus First Pins (2) US & Canada Only

                        Free CD From MocKingbird

                        Free Samples Of Canine Or Equine Shampoo

                        Free Issue Of Catholic Digest


        December 25, 1998     

                                    Merry Christmas


        December 24, 1998   

                        Free Haze demo tape 

                        Free Pro Pro Plan Kitten Starter Kit

                        Free Pro Plan Puppy Starter Kit

                      CoolSavings Coupons - CoolSavings for free, money-saving coupons from your favorite retailers, restaurants, and travel providers.

        December 23, 1998     

                        Free $2,000 of Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

                        Free Coleman Key Chain Spotlight & Sample Products

                        Free Web Site & Other Free Services Included Upon Sign Up

                        Free Vision Testing Kit From Lenscrafters

                        Free Hat When You Register For Any E-Catalog.

                        Free CD Singles From Cruel Timothy

                        Win Up to $1000!


        December 22, 1998

                        Free 15 Minutes of Local or Long Distance Calls.From GeoCities and Delta Three

                        Free Coca-Cola Santa Coaster!  [Immediate fulfillment. While supplies last.]

                        Win cash by playing fun Presidents game

                        Free Neow-Neow Treats Lapel Pin

                        Free Sample Zest Body Wash & Lather Builder  Call  1 888 BWSAMPLE

                        Free 8oz Bag of Christmas Chocolate Foil Balls from Carlton Cards & Gifts

                        Free Cookbook - "Lifestyle Cooking"

                        Global Pets 98 - Free Virtual Pet Game Download

                        Free Website Promotion (100,000 Hits A Month ?)


              December 21, 1998

                        Global Pets 98 - Free Virtual Pet Game Download

                        Free Moke cassette single

                        Free issue of Fast Company magazine


              December 20, 1998

                        Free Photo Mousepad - a $15.00 value!

                        Free Pair Of Pierced Or Clip On Earrings & Simply Whispers Catalog

                        1-800-445-9088 Operator # 98m41101-AS SEEN IN GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE

                        Free Gift From the New York Post!

                        Free Sample of "SNAP" Anti-Static Spray for Glass and Plastic

                        Free Blessed Medal and Rose Petal

                        Free Diabetic Research Packet

                        Free Gift for Your Home And Office from Anzemet ( Medical)

                        Free Nutrirional Samples For Your Dog or Cat

                        Free Booklet - The Horse for Everyone!

                        Free 1999 Celebrity Cat Calendar


              December 19, 1998

                        Free Cool Savings for free, money-saving coupons

                        Free Sample Pack of Symphony Paper from Fuji Xerox (Australia only)


              December 18, 1998

                        Free Physicians Plus Mouse Pad (Northwest Ohio Residents)

                        Free Mouse Mat From Burex

                        Free Sewing Lessons from Sew - Tech


              December 17, 1998

                        Free AFS T-Shirt

                        Free Prizes - Can You Think Fast


              December 16, 1998

                         Free Sample Of New Purt Plus Shampoo  1-877-737-8476

                         Free Online Piano Lessons


              December 15, 1998

                        Free Bible (Outside Of The U.S. & Canada Only)

                        Free Membership In PRESERVE THE ART OF PAN-POPPING

                        Free Advertising On Click2net


              December 14, 1998

                         Free Coffee from HyperHut Cafe

                         Free Cockpit Mousepad From WAMCO, Inc.

                         Free Groundhog Job Shadow Day Poster

                         Free Sample Of Ultra Strength Bengay

                         Free SAFESPORTS.COM Tape Measure


              December 13, 1998

                         Free Lapel Pin Or Luggage Tag From Fisher House

                         Free Insulin Pen  (Canada Only)

                         Free TextBook Covers ( Schools Only ?)

                         Free Book - "Your Bible And You"


              December 12, 1998

                         Free Sharaku Design Handkerchief from Kimono-ya (to Non-Japanese only)

                         Free Upgrade Coupon from Dollar Rent a Car

                         Free Writing Course

                         Free Living Will


              December 11, 1998

                         FREE Cyberstationery

                         Free Sour Punch Candy Straws

                         Free Price Search On Anything

                         Crayola Software $10 Rebate

                         Free Membership With Jokes4u

                         Earn an Elf Diploma from the Santa Claus Elf School


              December 10, 1998

                         Free APC Currents T-Shirt (Key Code i154z)

                         Free Samples From Gaines Pet Foods

                         Free Sample Of Kiss Breath 100% Natural Breath Freshener

                         Free Sample Product from Dycem

                          Free Classical Music CD (while supplies last)


              December 9, 1998

                         Mail in a Cash Receipt Get A Free Dunkin' Donuts Mouse Pad.

                         Free Stetson Cologne

                         Free Sample Fish Food and Catalog from Aqua Master Koi Food


              December 8, 1998

                         Free sample Promotional Mug, T-Shirt, Mouse Pad from World Wide Riches

                         Free Video and Brochure of Lake George Escape Camping Resort

                         Free issue of Fast Company magazine

                         Free Printable Gift Labels


              December 7, 1998

                         Free "Joy Around the World Christmas Audio CD from the Lutheran Laymen's League

                         Free Sample Gaines Dog Food

                         Free issue of Fast Company magazine

                         Free Cheese Spreader from Sargento (Just Answer Questions)

                         Free Sample of PerioTape Dental Floss (U.K. Only)


              December 6, 1998

                          Free Sample Zim's Crack Creme

                          Free Christian Newsletter, Recipes & Video Catalog

                          e-Xpresspost Email - Get a Free e-Xpresspost Email address for life!

                          Free Sample Bruci's Blend Zydeco Seasoning & Bon Manger Cookbook

                          Free Coupon for Cat Litter.


              December 5, 1998

                          Free Writing Class on the web in Real Video!

                          Free 5-Minute Pre-Paid Phone Card from Avemco Insurance (US/Canada only)

                          Free Earth Observing System 7-Poster Set from NASA (Extra Large Posters)

                          Free Cyberstationery

                         Free Sample of Wedding and Anniversary Custom Mints


              December 4, 1998

                           Free Mousepad from Crestline

                           Free "DeckAngels" Plant Holder Kit and 10% Discount to Garden Clubs

                           Free Sample Turron Bar

                           Free Booklet "How to Play Pool Right"! from The Billiard Zone

                           Free Deck of Playing Cards from UFC

                           Free Answering Machine Messages


              December 3, 1998

                         Free Sample Bicycle Lube from Wrench Force

                         Free Gift from FeelGood Falls

                         Free Music Demo CD-Rom


              December 2, 1998

                        Free Offer from BabyTalk Magazine®

                        Free Anso Carpet Buyers Guide CD-ROM (U.S. Only)

                        Free Issue of Catholic Digest

                        Free Copy "Lamb of God" Video


              December 1, 1998

                         Free Children's Christmas Storybook "Red Boots for Christmas"

                         Free Ornamental Hook

                         Free Weight Loss/energy Sample (S&H)

                         Free Book "More Than A Carpenter" by Josh McDowell

                         Free Science Fiction Book - Space Pirate * Hero of Mankind

                         Free Audio CD Demo from SoperSound Music Library