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September 7, 1998

Free Greatest Grandparents Award From Walmart

 Free Full Size Caress Soap 1-800-632-2030

Free Hallmark 1998 Keepsake Ornaments Screensaver

Free Get "Blade" stuff at Participating Theatres!

FREE HomeTrends Pad And Pen

Free Gift From EVS Supply

Free Vagistat®-1 gift packet which includes a Brochure, Magnet and Coupon

September 6, 1998

Free Posters From APC

Free Surge Protector, 10 minute APC phone card, catalog, and a free trial of Cheyenne AntiVirus software.

Free Online Paper Modeling, Paper Planes, Etc.

Free 6 Months Waterbed Conditioner

September 5, 1998

Free Geniune Puddle-Jumper Frog

Free Coin Pouch

Free Pro Pac® Pet Food

Free T-Shirt, Hat, Cookbook From New Pig

September 4, 1998

Free Mentadent.Toothpaste

Free Pearl Drops Toothpaste

Free Rembrandt Toothpaste

Free Tooth Brush

Free Arrid Deodorant

Free Shower Gel

September 3, 1998

          Free (2) Cat Toys      SASE

Free Travel Planner From Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism

Free Ben Gay Sample

Free Broadway demo CD

Free for the asking! Cassette samplers, stickers, vinyl 7-inch singles and more!

Free Martin Luther King  Poster

Free Demo CD Of The complete works of St. Augustine

September 2, 1998

Free Service - Telecommunications Search Engine

Free Coffee Sample From Pasquini

Free Bumper Sticker From Fresh Samantha

Free From Tree and Floral Beginnings - Request a Free Brochure and Sample

September 1, 1998

Free PuppyCare Kit, including: An informational video

August 31, 1998

Free T-Shirt - Play "French Triple Flip" Game and Instantly Win

Free Beanie-Safe Tag Protectors Lightweight Lockets

Free Pocket Protector From The Mail House

Free Pet Sample From Happy-Paws

Free Free Gift, Team Schedule From Fanzz

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Free Advertising from Click2Net!

August 31, 1998

Free T-Shirt - Play "French Triple Flip" Game and Instantly Win

Free Beanie-Safe Tag Protectors Lightweight Lockets

Free Pocket Protector From The Mail House

Free Pet Sample From Happy-Paws

Free Free Gift, Team Schedule From Fanzz

August 30, 1998

Free Mug From

Free Mouse Pad From Magnetic Image Video

August 29, 1998


Free Coffee Filter From MiniMinit

Free CD From BluesMasters (Sign Guest Book)

August 28, 1998

                    Free Online Coupon From Hallmark      US Only

August 27, 1998

                                                  Free T-Shirt From Buddy Lee        US, Canada and Puerto Rico only

Answers 3, 4, 2, 2, 1, 4, 4, 1

Free Greeting Card Sample

August 26, 1998

              Free (Your Choice) Visor, Beverage Cooler Pen or Key Chain     US only

Free Nail Polish Remover Wipes From Mario Quenneville

Free Mouse Pad From Upgrade World

                                                     Free Mouse Pad         This offer is only open to educators.

Free Product Line Poster From Volvo

August 25, 1998

Free Visor Organizer Worth $4.99 Retail Value

Free Cat Litter Pan Liner

Free Crafts Projects & Catalog

Free gift,  A 4 oz. bottle of Gelee Gems, a retail value of $12

August 24, 1998

Free Sunglasses & Bumper Stickers From California Alliance For Jobs

Free E-Mail From Apex Mail

Free Needle Craft Patterns From Herrschners

Free Posters From Omega

August 23, 1998

Free Sample of Asian Home Gourmet SpicePaste©

Free Bicycle Saftey Bands

Free Pet Treat from Pet Extras

Free Bumper Sticker From  Debt Counselors of America ®

Free Business Startup

   Free Download "NET2PHONE"    

Free Video & Catalog From Whitewater

August 22, 1998

Buy 1 Hallmark Card Get A Free Shoebox Card

Free Mouse Pad Or CalendarStrips From CyberRentals

                       Free Your Pet Will Receive A Birthday Surprise     Canada Only

August 21, 1998

                                       Free T-Shirt, Hat Video From New Pig              My Favorite Shirt   :)

Free FamilyEducation Network T-shirts & More

August 20, 1998

Free Macanudo Cigar Cutter Offer

Free Cup Sample

             Free Cigar Sample   Ends 8/31

Free Doggy Bag Sample

Free cassette or CD of James Bazen's "Stranger Things"

August 19, 1998

Free Sample of Power Paws

Free Sample Nutritional Supplement

Free Sample of Caress Soap     1-800-729-5857

Free E-Mail Account From Yahoo

August 18, 1998

                         Free Promo Packs From Droors Skateboarding         Us & Canada

Free Money Making Opportunity

Free Iron On Samples

August 17, 1998

         Free Trail Pair Soft Contact Lenses From Johnson & Johnson     US Only

               Free Complimentary Selection of SmartFUEL Products       US Only

Free Asthma Attack Prevention DeviceTM

Free Coil Weight Calculator Offer

                          Free - Get your own, custom, Gumby 3-D glasses      First 30 Per Day

                                    Free 'Jesus First' Pin        U.S.A. and Canada.

Free Mouse Pad For WebmasterS From Michigan Live

Free Family Estate Planning Kit

August 16, 1998

Free T-Shirt From O'Pin Systems

Free Virus Scanning Service From Trend Micro

Free "NetTrans" T-Shirt to Trucking Related Websites Linking to NetTrans

Free Exercare Logo T-Shirt - Print Form and Pick-Up Shirt at Exercare

August 15, 1998

Free Carpet Cleanig Sample From VIP Carpet Cleaning Service

Free Online Beanie Baby Calendar

Free Poster ("I Am A Wrestler" Poster)

Free Potato Chips From Poore Brothers

Free Sample Hotwing Sauce

August 14, 1998


Free Mouse Pad From A1

Free Tokens At Chuck E. Cheese

Free Scented Greeting Card from Songbird Creations


  July 18, 1998 

Free - Books From Dual Universe   

  July 17, 1998     

                        Free 1998 Murphy's Law Calendar   While They Last

Payless Shoesource Coupon

July 16, 1998

Free Fabulous Fragrance by Jan Moran Beverly Hills

                             Free Samples of Rather Jolly Tea      Gone  

July 15, 1998

Free Bumper Sticker From  Debt Counselors of America ®

July 14, 1998

Free Pen From Morehouse & Sons Heating,Cooling & Plumbing

July 13, 1998

Free Sample Baker Street Tea Bags

July 12, 1998

Free Mouse Pad From ASAP Screenprint Company

July 11, 1998

Free Hat For Businesses

July 10, 1998

Free Mouse Pad From Cadshare Resources, Inc.

Free Notepad & Pen From Clientcare

Free Pocket Protector with a Pen/Pencil

July 9, 1998

Free "Lifestyle Cooking" Cookbook

July 8, 1998

                                              Free Golf Socks from Blue Chip Socks    1'st 50 Per Day US ONLY

Free sample of Sunny Delight

July 7, 1998

Free - Be the First To Try New Creme Savers!

July 6, 1998

Buy 1 Hallmark Card Get A Free Shoebox Card

July 5, 1998

                            Free Sample Of Batten Island Gourmet Sauce   Offer Ends 7/10/98

Free Milk Mustache Trading Cards

Free Snack Food

Free Revlon.Colorstay Lipcolor Sample

                                                 Free Seven Pound bag Cansorb Cat Litter   check back later for an update

Free Sample of Kellogg's® Smart Start® cereal.

July 3, 1998

Free  Your Name Onboard Spaceship STARDUST

When It visits Comet Wild-2

and returns in February 2006, it will have traveled billions and billions of miles,

and your name can make that journey with the spacecraft.

July 2, 1998

Free Gift - play the St.Ives Botanical game Till You Win

July 1, 1998

Free Taylor Cap

Free Tooth Brush

Free Eukanuba® Cat Food

Free CD From Cherry Coke

Free ESC T-shirt or Mousepad while supplies last

Free Together's Dating Guidebook Straight from the Heart

June 30, 1998

Free .85 oz. Sample of Crest MultiCare Tooth Paste

Free Coffee Mug

Free Measuring Tape ( Apparel)

Free Goldfish flakes Fish Food

June 29, 1998

Free 15 Hour Votive Candle

         Free 2 oz Bag Grandma's  K-9 Crunchies

June 28, 1998

Free Watermelon Brochure - many recipes

Free brochures buying and selling property

June 27, 1998

Free sample of Kellogg's® Smart Start® cereal.

Free Certs Sample

Free E-Mail

June 19 - June 26, 1998

Vacation Time

June 18, 1998

Free Brass & Metal Polish

Free Catalogs

June 17, 1998

Free Sample Zantac75

June 15, 1998

Free GOLF Promotionals

June 14, 1998

                   Free Scientific-Atlanta T-shirt From SkyLines     Gone   :(

Free Pain Relief Gel

June 13, 1998

Free Bob & Bella Pin

June 11, 1998

                                    Free T-Shirt From texaco            Gone   :(        

June 10, 1998

Free X-Files Movie Tickets

Free Mouse Pad From "Fruit of the Loom"

Free Shower Gel From Nature's Accents

June 9, 1998

Free Book For Fathers Day

June 8, 1998

                   Free Bounty Rinse & Reuse Paper Towels     (1 Sheet)

Free Sample new Fat Free Pringles

  Free Sample "Mist Anti-Static Spray"

Free Cigar Cutter

Free Sample Gourmet Herbal Tea

Free heavy-duty hand cleaning wipes

June 7, 1998

Free Mouse Pad From.Magnetic Image

June 6, 1998

 Free T-Shirt Or Mouse Pad

Free Soap - U.K. Only

Free Soap - U.S. Only

Free Food From Lumen Foods

Free sample of Brekhman's Gold & Tape

Free Safety Kit For Your Children

Free Cap Kit

June 5, 1998


June 3, 1998

Free Music CD

         Free Vivarin® Sample  Take Quizz

Free "Blimp" Pin

June 2, 1998

FREE Market Decision Maker Coin compliments of TradeLine

       Free Woolite® Fabric Wash, & copy of Woolite Fashion Forum Report

5 Free Sample Business Cards

Everyone who scores 80% or higher will receive a free baseball cap

Answers : 1 = 0, 2 = 30.9%, 3 = 10, 4 = 28%, 5 = 372, 6 = This Time Its Different 

June 1, 1998

Free Back Pack To The First 6,000    Gone

.Free Cheese From Healthychoice

Free Cheese Slicer

KB Toys Coupons

FREE Color Sample Gemstone

.Free Gift From "The-Boys"

Free Catalogs

Free Coil Weight Calculator Offer ?

                      Free "Brighter Baking with "M&M's"® Mini Chocolate Baking Bit recipe booklet"

May 31, 1998


Free Recipe From The Queen Can-Ivore

Promote your Website

Sample of 2 great Keri Products Canada Only

Free Colgate Toothpaste Coupon

May 30, 1998

.Complete this Aloes Online Survey, and receive ABSOLUTELY FREE

a sample bottle of soothing Aloe Vera First Aide Gel, a $5.97 value

May 29, 1998

Free Button From The BUTT0NLADY

May 27, 1998

Free Binoculars Or Cooler - For A Test Drive

Free Sun Glasses - Take Quiz

May 25, 1998

                Free T-Shirt From Box Hill    Gone  :(

Free Coloring Book & Crayon

Free Sample - Dog Cookies From workbee

May 24, 1998

Free Download - Microsoft Outlook 98

Free "Car" from Hot Wheels Birthday Club

Free "God Loves You" Pin

Free gift, a brand new Mole-Richardson Logo Mousepad!

Sun Import's FREE Soap Page

Any Pet that tries a sample is entered in our monthly draw to win a one year's supply

May 23, 1998

Lake Tahoe, West Yellowstone, Jackson Hole - Discount Coupons

  Free Nagano Winter Olympics Game Pins (2) from IBM

Free Hat--Free Hat and Video from Environmental and Foundation Drilling Inc. (US only)

May 22, 1998