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September's Fun Feature Freebies

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Wednesday September 15, 1999

Coupon For a Free Can of Pringles Ridges Call 1-877-YRIDGES  First 200,000

Win a BRAND NEW WXBM Hurricane Tracking T-Shirt

Win In The World Sweepstakes & Get Free Wall Paper For Your Computer

Free Book "God's Power for Fathers"

Free Letter Opener For Business Owners Promotional Buyers

Free Valley Hospital Mouse Pad - Promote environmental preservation! Download a FREE Nature Screensaver developed by in partnership with Conservation International.

Free Realemonade Relaxation Booklets


Tuesday September 14, 1999

Halloween Fest 99 - Join The Treat List

Win A Free Trip To Maui  Ends Sept 16

Free Book "God's Story"   US & Canada

Free From GotoWorld, You Earn Money Being Online

Free Coupons - Do you want all of the BEST coupons, savings, and freebies from the Internet? If the answer is YES, you need to download the ValuePASS Super Saving Software. It takes only a few seconds to download, and it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Free Miraculous Medal    US & Canada

Free Long Distance   We Love This One

Free Book "Your Bible & You"

Free Greeting Card - All cards free -- limited time offer. Limited to sending 1 card per day per household.  Deposited in mail to nearly anywhere in world. All cards are actual 5 by 7 inch, printed, physical greeting cards with envelopes, not electronic cards.

Free Bookmarks (5) From

Monday September 13, 1999

Win A DVD Player     Contest Ends Today

Win A Sony SlimTop Computer   Contest Ends Today

Win A $10,000 House Party

Free Baby Hat - Offer Good For Babies Up To 6 Months Old Only SASE - US Only

Free College Job Search

Free - NASA Invites You To Send Your Name To Mars

Free 24-Page Cookbook From Campbell's

Free Membership Plus One Cent Sale

Free Recreational Fishing Alliance Emblem

Free Digital Film Processing

Sunday September 12, 1999

Win A $15,000 Flat Screen TV   Ends Today !!!

Free Sample Zout Stain Remover

Free Newsletters

Free Learn Greek On The Internet

Free Sample Carpet, Fabric, & Upholstery Cleaner

Free Online Auto & Motorcycle Insurance Quote From PROGRESSIVE - Compare rates instantly with up to three other major companies. Buy your policy online in selected states.

Saturday September 11, 1999

Win $5,000

Free 1999 Rand McNally Road Atlas Or 15-Minute Prepaid Phone Card

Free Carabiner Keychain

Free - Get Paid From Mypoints Affiliate Rewards Network (EARN) - Free, turnkey e-mail service that gives you total control to set-up an e-mail service with your brand, colors, ads, in less than 1 hour, with no calls to make or delays.



Friday September 10, 1999

Coupons From Ragú   US Only

Free Year 2K Calendar

Free Wedding Planning CD

Free Candy, Coupons & More

Free Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Free Y2K Test For Your Computer

Free Poster "Mars Millennium Project"

Win Free Videos For A Year From BlockBuster -  Receive Free Personalized, practical email for all the important areas of your life: home, family, car, wealth, entertainment, pets and more.

SitterTime - Your Online Babysitter List! - The convenient, online way for parents and their babysitters to arrange babysitting dates. Parents; put your sitter list on the web and you'll know who's available and who's not! Sitters; get jobs when you want them, avoid calls when you don't!

Thursday September 9, 1999

Win A MP3 Player

Free Sample Pepcid AC Chewable Tablets

Free Personal Pregnancy Planning Guide CD-ROM

Free Cryogenically Processed Golf Ball or Disposable Razor

Free Life Insurance Quote

Free Sample Lemon Lime Flavor and Cherry Flavored Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine   US Only

Free Bra Sizer From Jockey

Free Litter Bags & Bumper sticker "Don't Mess with Texas"

Wednesday September 8, 1999

Free T-Shirt

Free Sample Pure Source Thermal Mud Rotorua Facial Mud Pack

Free Subscription to Internet World

Free Print Shop Deluxe CD ROM   S&H

Free Rand McNally's TripMaker 1998 Edition CD ROM  S&H

Free Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? CD ROM S&H

Free The Berenstain Bears - In The Dark! CD ROM    S&H

Free 3D Home Architect - CD ROM Version    S&H

Karl's Green Day Page - The Unofficial Green Day Site. Everything you need to know about Green Day, including full, unabridged discography and downloads.

Jprogressive Internet Solutions - Free web page, free domain hosting, plus a system to make your internet business a profitable one.

Free Guide to College Savings Bank IRAs





Freebies For September 1-7, 1999