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July 1999

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July 31, 1999

Enter The "World Sweepstakes"

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Free Aveda Rosemary Mint Equalizing Rinse Mini-bottle

Free Samples Natural Incense USA, Canada, Central and South America

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Free Coupons At CoolSavings

Free Music CD! From The Band "Pronto Tonto"

Free Catalogs From The Catalog resource Center

Free Catalogs From Catalog Link

Free Fingerhut Catalog

Free "Proud Parent" Bumper Sticker

Free Recipe Cards From "Equal"

July 30, 1999

Win $1000 Dollars - Fill Out A Survey 

Take A Market Research Survey and Receive A Free Gift From Pursearm

Free Quality Torch Lighter (While Supplies Last) SUPPLIES Are Gone

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July 29, 1999

Win A Breast or Liposuction Procedure or $5000 in Cash

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Free Quality Tamboril Cigar (While Supplies Last)

Free Miraculous Medal

Free The Berenstain Bears - In The Dark! CD ROM

Free Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? CD ROM

Cooking Light

Free Investment Information


July 28, 1999

Free Home Business Newsletter

Free On-Line Interactive Word Games, Boggle, Anagrams, Puzzles & More

Free CD Sample From Eyemap

Free Sample Noevir's Tirante Face Firming Gel

Free Sample of Green Stuff Polish

Free Blind Sample Kit and Wallpaper Catalog


July 27, 1999

Free Book "God's Power for Fathers"

Coupon For Free 18 oz Package Of Purina Kitten Chow

Free E-Mail Account Courtesy Of USA.Net

Free Gifts From Catholic Media

Free Pineapple Recipe Booklet

July 26, 1999

Free Printable Paper dolls

Free Trial Magazine Offers

Family Handyman

U.S. News Magazine

Money Magazine

Wired Magazine

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Parents Magazine


July 25, 1999

Free Hearing Aid Battery

Great Deals From Beyond.Com

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Free Shadow Box Instructions

Coupons For Kroger Brand Foods

July 24, 1999

Free - Add MUSIC To Your Web Page With The RadioTicker

Free Download Of Pagoo Perfect Solution If You Only Have One Phone Line

Free Book "The Case For Christ"

Win A Free Book From Nestlé Quiz (Hint: Open Another Window To Look Up Answers)

Free Gift For Your Pet At Petstore

July 23, 1999

Free Piggy Bank Offer Has Been Pulled Due To Overwhelming Response

Free $20 Web Coupon From Petfood Express U.S. Only

Free Gardening Seeds When You Join The Down and Dirty Club

Free Bookmark and Tee Shirt Contest From Teen.Com

Free 1/2 Dozen Pegstm, Locking Pegboard Hooks U.S. And Canada

Free Print Shop Deluxe III CD ROM

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Free Gift ( Pet Tag ) From Petsmart When You register

July 22, 1999

Win A SONY (r) HI-FI System

Win A Sony (r) Playstation System

Win A T-Shirt From The American Lung Association (Every 100'th Entry Wins)

Free Multi-Tool Ends July 31

Free Samples & More From Pfizer Plus Every 20'th Request Gets A Coffee Mug

Free Macanudo Cigar Cutter Offer US Only

Free Catalogs Hundreds Of The Best

Free Samples Bragg Liquid Aminos

July 21, 1999

Enter To Win The House Of Your Dreams

Free Electronic Greeting Cards

Free Home Business Newsletter

Free Sheet Music

Coupon valued a $2.00 dollars off an 8 lb. Bag of Embers Instant Light Charcoal Briquets

Free Zippo Lighter Collector's Guide

Hawaii Golf Travel - Win Free Golf And Prizes

HOT Freebie Offer

Free Piggy Bank From College Savings Bank

Due To Overwhelming Response, They No Longer Offer Free Piggy Banks

Hope Most Of You Got Through

July 20, 1999

Free "The Motley Fool's 13 Steps to Investing Foolishly"

Free CookBook From Maple Grove Farms Of Vermont

Free Gardening Seeds

Coupon Savings On Leading National Brands At Local Supermarkets

Free Sample & Brochure "Sina" Aloe Vera Gel

Free Piano Lessons On The Net

Certificate ($5.00) For Glamour Shots

Free "Chipper" Patch For Kids


Free Refrigerator Magnet From Senior Link


July 19, 1999

Win $100,000

Free Family and Parenting Tips

Free Sample of Heritage Fare Greens Seasoning

Free View A Different Start Page Every Day

Free HandBook Electronics Symbols

Free Video By Tempur-Pedic

Sci-Fi Art - Sci-Fi Art, Internet comic book, Star Trek Jokes, Nelix & Kes, Tuvok, Chakotay, Tom Paris, Holodoc, and Harry Kim.

July 18, 1999

Win A $15,000 Flat Screen TV

Win $100.00 Cash

Free Mentadent Surround Toothbrush 100 Per Day

Coupon $2.00 Off Popeye Vitamins

Free Copy Of UL's Room-By-Room Home Safety Tips

Free Sample Perfumes "Marige & Extravagance"

Free Samples Breathe Right® Nasal Strips

Free Snowman Heart Wreath Pattern and Instructions

Money Locators Locators of Unclaimed Money

Free Catalogs Grab Your Favorites

July 17, 1999

Free Sample Of new Dove® Nutrium

Free Cap Offer From Tap-N-Glue Teachers Only

Free Samples From Mentadent

Free Mouse Pad From Heartland Funds

HOT Freebie Offer

Free Sample of Post-it® Notes for Ink Jet and Laser Printers, Along with the Software

July 16, 1999

Free "Mr. Crisp" Lapel Pin

Free Sample Chocolates From Phillips Candy House

Free Rand McNally's TripMaker 1998 Edition CD ROM

Free Sample From Kcweb - Custom Heat Transfers And Pocket Logos

Free Gift From Norwich Connecticut

Free The Motley Fool's 13 Steps to Investing Foolishly

Free Movie Ticket Offer From Chicken Of The Sea

July 15, 1999

Win $100,000

Free Credit Report Have You seen Yours Lately?

Free Ticket to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey For Every Child Born in the United States This Year

Free Incense Gift From Airs

Free Satellite Tv

Free E-Mail Addresss Great To Use With All These Freebies

Free Magazine From Healthy Choice

Ends Today Win A Trip To New Zealand

July 14, 1999

Win A Orlano Dream Vacation

Free T-Shirt From Arolan

Free Craft Activity Book

Free Sample "Poc-It" Diskette Storage Unit

Free Online Auto & Motorcycle Insurance Quote From PROGRESSIVE

July 13, 1999

Free Mouse Pad From Music Palace

Free T-Shirt & Sample From Tasc Commercial Customers Only

Free Sample "Dolo Rx" Pain Reliever

Free Sample Of Cultured Buttermilk Blend

Free Computers .......Computer Depot

July 12, 1999

Enter To Win A iMac. 3 of Them Being Given Away

Free Rugrats Reptar Wagon Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder

Free Samples From Nature's Merchant

Free - Meet The Love Of Your Life

Free Sample of Herbal Essences Facial Care Products

July 11, 1999

Free Sample Body Wash From Caress

Coupons - Beachnut Label Saver Club

Free Vinyl Sticker With the Marathon CD Logo

Free Sample Cleaner Accessory Pad For Contacts Lenses

Free CD's From ""

July 10, 1999

Free Membership From

Free 10 Minute Phone Calling Card & Mouse Pad

Free Nature Screensaver Developed By In Partnership W/Conservation International.

July 9, 1999

Free Stuff From Small Biz FFA

Free Brochure & Sample Aloe Vera Gel

Free Membership Packet From Jolly Time Popcorn

Free Online Virus Scan From McAfee

Free Internet Access & E-Mail

Free CarBuying Tips

Choose Up To 3 Products For A Penney Each

July 8, 1999

Win Free Video's For A Year

Free Mini Edition Coloring Book

Free Candy Bar

Free Commodity Trading Kit

Two Free Jesus First Pins

Free Information Kit (Heartburn)

July 7, 1999

Free Fingerhut Catalog

Free T-Shirt "Twec.Com"

Free Dickies Business Card Magnet Only 3,000

Free Copy Of Your Online Credit Report

Free Magnet And Gift Pack From Vagistat®-1

Free Samples of SportSlick

Free Bird Seed

July 2 - 6, 1999

Vacation Time!

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Have A Safe & Happy 4'th

July 1, 1999

Free Newsletters Over 90 To Chooser From !!

Free Complementary Set of Coasters

Free sample of New Cherry flavor Mylanta Supreme

Free Sample Spice

Coupons From Harris Teeter

Free Dream Doll Designer CD-ROM

Bonus Freebies By Michele

Free sample of USANA's Nutrimeal

Free Slide-Loc storage bag sample from Ziplok

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