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May 1999

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May 31, 1999 

       Free Catalogs

       Free T-Shirt Or CD From The Band "Marvel Bornamen"

       Free kids pack (soft drink, popcorn and candy) at your local AMC Theatre

       Free From Pro Launch

       Free Symphony Sample Pack  Australian Business Residents only

       Free Sample Faccia Domani's richly protective All Day Moisturizer

May 30, 1999 

       4 Star wars books for $1.00

       Free Coupons At CoolSavings

       Free Booklet "Bringing Baby Home" Plus Coupons From Q-Tips

May 29, 1999 

      Free Tickets To Atlanta Rockfest June 5, 1999  

       Free Sample Of Dove Soap

      Free Sample Zest Body Wash   1-888-BWSAMPLE

      Free Sample of Endurance Tire Protectant Gel

      Free Art Test

      Free Video and Sample Offer

      Coupons for LUIGI'S Products

      Free Sample Merino Lanolin Skin Cream

      Free Pattern & Project Instructions For The Loving Doves Cake Top: Perfect For Weddings

      FREE Music CD! From The Band "Pronto Tonto

May 28, 1999 

      Free TV Tickets

      Free Online Personal Orginizer

      Free Vanilla Flavored Boost Nutritional Supplement  1 800 983-3818

      Free Subscription to Internet World

      Coupons From Q Tips

      The Universe Contest – Win Cash by Answering A Fun Quiz

      Free Sample Soap

May 27, 1999 

       Millennium Cruise Sweepstakes

       Free 3-D Glasses

       Free Wake Up Calls

       Free Phone Number To Receive Faxes in Your Email Account

       Free Full Color Brochure, Price List & Floor Plans To Build Your Dream House

       Free Audio Tape "Financial Help-Healthcare"

       Free Sample "Huggies Supreme Diapers"

May 26, 1999 

        Free Commodity Futures Trading Kit

        Free Brochure "Recipes for Peanut Butter Lovers"

        Free Video From Trim-a-Lawn

        AutoBuyingTips.Com - A great source to look up dealer invoice pricing on cars

         Free 20 oz. Bottle of "Citra" Citrus Soda

May 25, 1999 

      Win Free Videos from Blockbuster

      Free Two Jesus First Pins

      Free Pen

      Free InfoTech Mouse Pad

      Free "Fight Chronic Fatigue"

May 24, 1999 

      Free Poster Featuring Artist, Sharrie Williams

       Free Sample Pepcid AC Chewable

      Free Tube Of Advantage Flea Control  (Up to a $10 Value)

      Free Sample Of Aleve    U.S. and Puerto Rico only

      Free Cruise Vacation Planner

      Free RV Video

      Coupon For Folgers Whole Bean Coffee

      Free Catalogs From The Catalog resource Center

May 23, 1999 

      Free Darrell Waltrip Signature Card

      Free Wall Paper For Your Computer

      Free Poster "Montana to Mars"

      Publishers Clearing House (

      Free Pair of Austin Powers 3D Glasses

      Free Trial Of Cigar Aficionado

May 22, 1999 

Vickie Came Through With Flying Colors !!

She Would Like To Thank Everyone For All The Get Well Wishes & Prayers

       Win A Get-A-Way® Massage Chair

      Free Sample of Flax Seed Health Food   SASE

      Free Sample Salada Flavored Green Tea

      Free CD Sampler of "Lee Murdock" in Concert

      Free American Blind Sample Kit

      Free Scholarship Search

      Free Video On The Ongoing Recovery Of The Hudson River

      Free Sample Window Film

May 21, 1999 

NOTE:  Vickie's Having Surgery Today

May 20, 1999 

      Free Sample Huggies Supreme Diapers US Only

      Free Catalog  - Build a Better Future With ICS

      Free Supplement Information

      Free Catalogs From The Catalog resource Center

May 19, 1999 

      Free John Deere Lawn Tractor Video

      Free Basic Math Lessons

      Free Catalogs Check Out The Latest And Hottest Fashions

      Free Gift From Dura Lube

      Free 21-day trial of "Fat To Firm At Any Age"

May 18, 1999 

      Free Sample Mini Edition & A Pencil

      Free Northland Fisherman Catalog and Fishing Tips Booklet   (U.S. & Canadian)

      Louisiana-Pacific Inner-Seal Siding Litigation Claims Administration Information Website

      Rebate For Dutch Boy Paints

May 17, 1999 

         Free "Spring Perch" For Your Bird  (Quiz)

        Free Lifesaving Tips

        Free Magnets, Bumper Stickers & More From The Clean Air Coalition

        Free HandBook From Cleveland Institute of Electronics

        Jlyne´s Coupon and Refund Community...the largest online community dedicated to saving money

        Free Sample Merino Lanolin Skin Cream

May 16, 1999 

        Win A Caribbean Cruise for Four

        Coupon For Mega Warhead Products

        Free Sample Kimlan Soy Sauce

        Coupon For McDonalds In Sugarland, TX "Free Super Sizing"

        Free Sample Chelsea Clip

        Coupon For MUNCHKIN® ColorFlow® Safety Nipples

        Free Carpet Samples

        Free Introductory Guitar Lessons and Songs

        Free Sample Kit FAN-tastic Flags

        Free E-Mail Account

May 15, 1999 

      Win $100.00 Cash

      Free Enrollment In The National Pet Club Pet Locator Service   Continental USA

      Free Crosby's Molasses Cookbook

      Free Samples Of New Salada Flavored Green Tea

      Free Booklet "Living With Arthritis"

      Free Pepcid AC "Snack Clip"

May 14, 1999 

      Win In The World Sweepstakes

      Free Gifts From Catholic Media

      Free Information On Fighting Chronic Fatigue

      Coupon Good for NEW Cinnamon Grahams Cereal

      Free Samples Of Breathe Right® nasal strips.

May 13, 1999 

      Free Travel Kit Healthcare Travel Staffing

      Free Puppy Care Kit From Purina

      Free Phone Card For Filling Out An Application

      Free Investment Newsletter

      Free Online Piano Lessons

      Free File Storage

      Free Sample Mylanta Supreme

      Free CD-ROMs, Posters, & Slides From NASA

May 12, 1999 

      Win A V.W. Beetle

      Free Snowman Heart Wreath Pattern and Instructions

      Free Puzzles to Play and Play

      Free Sample Good Health Beverage

      Free Sample Next To Nature Natural Relief For Constipation US

May 11, 1999 

      Win A Trip Of A Lifetime To New Zealand

      Free 204-Page New Hampshire Guidebook

      Free Snow People Ornament Instructions

      Free Project Instructions for Beautiful Dragonfly Pins

      Free Shadow Box Instructions!   Free Instructions For A Sewing Shadow Box

May 10, 1999 

      Win $100 Gift Giveaway From Sandrines

      Free Services The Whole Family Can Use   Worldwide

       Free Long Distance From FreeWay Our Freebie Hall Of Fame Winner !!!

      Free scholarship search Need Money For College ?

      Free Pattern and Instructions For Hooray USA : Uncle Sam Pin

      Save On Your Next Orlando and Daytona Vacation

May 9, 1999


      Free T-Shirt in a Can  US & Canada

      Free Video To Earn Your Degree

      Coupon For Folgers Whole Bean Coffee

      Free Service From Pro Launch

      Free Sample The Pencil Grip  (And Pens Too...)

      Free Fashion Catalogs

May 8, 1999

       Win In The $100,000 Giveaway

      Free Crafts For Kids  Great Site

       Free Investors Kit

      Free Classifieds Advertising

       Free Herman Posters

       Free Sample Sparkle-Dent Denture Cleaner

May 7, 1999

       The Universe Contest – Win Cash by Answering A Fun Quiz

      Free Gift (Mouse Pad) From Agency Promotions.Com  US Only

       Free Book "Complete Book of Pregnancy and Baby's First Year" ($33 Value!!)

       Free Sample Shower Gel

       Free Sample & Coupon "Tasters Choice" Instant Coffee  1 877 984 - 2287 (Automatd) e

      Free "Netword" Internet Keywords That You Create and Use

      Free Stickers From The Band "Please"

      Free Gift From Jack Miller's

      Coupons From Coupon Surfer

May 6, 1999

      Free T-Shirt  If You Can Answer Quiz Of 5 Questions

      Free Bandana From Scientific Brake & Equipment

      Free Sample Of Dove Soap

       Free Video "How To Earn Your Degree"

      Free Booklet "Living Water - The Gospel of John"

      Free Video "The Inside Story"

      Free Sample Liquid Speed Sport Lubricants

      Free Sticker From Prose-Act Records

May 5, 1999

      Win A iMac Computer

      Free Sample SeaWeed Paper

      Free Electronics Symbols Handbook

      Free Catalog From Yankee Publishing

May 4, 1999

      Paris Trip Giveaway

     Free Pair of Earrings

     Free Poster of Koko The Gorilla

     Free Book "A Journey into Prayer" by Evelyn Christenson

     Cool Savings Coupons Has Added Free Greeting Cards For Mother's Day

     Free Career Catalog From Stratford Career Institute

May 3, 1999

      Win A Trip To Ixtapa

      Coupons, Recipes & More From Sue Bee Honey

      Free Camera To Moms Who Have A Baby On Mother's Day 1999 From Kodak  US Only

      Free Glow-in-the-Dark Fridge Magnet   West Kootenay Power Customers Only

      Coupon For $1.00 Of From SuperCuts

      Free Sample of O.B. Applicator

      Rebates From Peak & Sierra Antifreeze

      Free Earth Observing System Science Posters

      Free Navey Seals Poster  US Only

May 2, 1999

      100K Sweepstakes and Get A Chance To Win Up To 50K At One Time !

     Free Online Virus Scanning Service

     Free T-Shirt From Food.Com   Short Survey

     Free Booklet Keeping Youth Drug Free: A Guide for Parents, Grandparents, Elders

     Free Online Auto & Motorcycle Insurance Quote From PROGRESSIVE

     Free F-1 Guitar Pick

     Free Mepps Fishing Guide

     Free Jumbo Latte Mug  Redeem At Showroom (14 States)

     Free Samples Of African Pride  Products

     Free Uniquely Personalized Online Community In One Minute With

     Free Maps

May 1, 1999

     Win The Ultimate in Home Theater Entertainment

     Coupon For Ragu

     Free Pineapple Recipe Booklet

     Free Trial Of Golf Digest

     Free Copy Of The Idaho Potato Microwave Cookbook  SASE

     Coupons For Prestone Products

     Free Samples Custom Rubber Stamps

     Free Rhodes Recipe Booklet

     Free E-Mail - Get That "Cool" Address You've Wanted

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